Slate is a natural product which greatly enhances any interior or exterior finish. Salt is durable and comes in many variations of colour. Many batches of slate will have tiles that are seemingly off colour. Keep in mind that as this natural product is quarried veins of minerals will change the colour and this can vary greatly from tile to tile. This variation in colour is part of the natural beauty of this product.

A good installation of slate requires many phases of cleaning; washing of the slate prior to installation, after grout and a light acid wash prior to sealing the slate. We do recommend that the slate is sealed for a longer lasting finish. While slate is not as labour intensive as glass it still requires time for a proper and long lasting installation. Consulting with your tile setter on a reasonable timetable is essential.

Marble & Granite

Marble and granite are beautiful nature products, valued throughout time for their beauty and longevity. Marble/Granite tile accent matching kitchen counter slabs on back splashes or accent areas and look stunning in bathrooms. Marble works well in bathrooms and low traffic areas, while granite excels for kitchen counters and high traffic flooring areas.

These are both natural stones cut from quarries and as such are natural variations and/or veins throughout. This enhances the beauty and timeless elegance of these products.

Like slate and large tiles, marble and granite require tighter joints and a good quality thinset. Sometimes polishing in areas may be required to bring out the overall shine or consistent finish. Both these stones need to be sealed as a final installation step.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is a luxurious look for kitchen back splashes, bathroom details and swimming pools. There are many different styles of glass available and the pricing can range from modest to very expensive.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a glass tile;
• installation of glass is more labour intensive then regular porcelain/ceramic tiles, therefore, more expensive to install.
• Glass tile with sharp edges can be dangerous on areas where you may be sitting like whirlpool seats or steps.
• For best bonding of tile to sub surfaces use only premium products designed for glass.
• In addition for some clearer glass products special grout may be needed so as not to scratch the tile during the process.

Many glass tile manufacturers require an anti-fracture membrane to be install under the tile. These membranes tend to be dark in colour which then require a white thin-set. A good installer will consider all these requirements and install with precision and consideration of colour changes from the setting materials to your final look.

Instyle Tilecraft, a Bisazza glass tile certified installer, ensures a precision job everytime. For more information on glass tile trends, click on the button below to read the Glass Tile Blog from our friends at Alka Pool Construction Ltd.

Glass Tile Blog

Porcelain & Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic are the most common types of tiles installed. They are excellent for most any application. They come in various sizes from 1”x1” to 24”x24” and a whole host of sizes and shapes in between. They can be solid in colour or with decorative motifs.

Larger tile (12”x24” or large) works wonderfully on walls and floors. It is a very modern look. Its recommended that surfaces receiving these large tiles be perfectly level. Very tight joints are also recommended with sealing as a final step. Like slate, these large tiles take a bit more time to install, this should be considered when planning your schedule.